Motor Trend: Shooting Car and Truck of the Year


I completed both these shoots late last year but for obvious reasons (the winner is kept secret until the mag is on sale) I haven't been able to write about them here until today. I did Car Of The Year first, at 'Space-X' in Hawthorn California. This is Americas new (private enterprise) space effort and mostly owned by Elon Musk who also owns Tesla cars - One of which, the model 'S', drove off with the coveted Motor Trend Magazine Award.
We ended up at 'Space-X' as Elon was at the facility that day and we needed him driving the car for the cover.
I say driving but in reality this was a 'rig' shot and I was worried mainly about how we could keep him still during the 4 second exposure required. To get around this problem we shot Elon both 'driving' and then again at rest (with strobe) - Planning to assemble both images in 'Photoshop' for the final image. As it happened we were lucky and he managed to stay still for one driving exposure and thus saved time (we were right on - or past - publication deadline) in post. Well done Mr Musk! And thanks to all at Space-X for your patience.
Truck Of The Year, a Dodge Ram, was shot at El Mirage and one of the pictures is below. See Motor Trend Magazine online for more…


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