New Studio Work to Advertise the Opening of Core Studio Rental in San Diego


I had been helping to prepare my studio in San Diego for rental and was looking for a suitably impressive shot for the advert when a client asked if I could photograph an owl he was looking after. "An owl? Really, is it live?" I asked. "Yes he certainly is", was the reply.
Well how could I resist? We spent a whole morning moving equipment around to be 'Bird Safe' - Brought in my new model, Stevie and then waited for the owl to arrive…
Which it did in style by flying a lap; then settling on a sprinkler pipe high up on the ceiling - Way up on the ceiling. Way up and beyond reach… Never work with children and animals.
How do you get an owl down from a ceiling? Not easy… but let's just say we don't have a mouse problem in the studio anymore.

Q: Where does an owl perch in a photo-studio? A: Anywhere it pleases!

In the end it all worked out - Thanks to 'Woody' and especially to model Stevie - Its not easy working with those claws!
We got three great shots including the two you see here and one more we are still working on.
Our studio is now open and the advert done. So if you need studio space in downtown San Diego please click on the final image to view our website for details and pricing.


Please click on image below if you need more details about renting my studio..

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